The Maze

Open your eyes 

Just look around you

So many different ways

​Leading to good or bad

There are highways and railroads

Or you might stray

But it's not even certain

Whether you will leave or stay

Now you must choose

​The path to hang on

So many different faiths

​Just let your heart decide

​Many roads can be followed

Rocky or straight

Paved with flowers

​Or an alley full of hate

Try to see christalclear

Through the hazes of your past

The pain has gone, you're almost near

The blindfold has to fall at last 

Make up your mind

Just try to hang on

The undefinable dream leads you through the maze

Take my hand

Together we'll go on

Finding our way

Out of the maze

In Love and grace

I'll follow your steps

If you step in mine

​Together we'll go on

​Like constellations we'll travel

Spangling the sky

In vermillion moonlight

While the seasons pass us by​​

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  • The Maze5:29

Performed by Whispering Wind

Peter Blacksmith