Peter Blacksmith

About Me

Hello, my name is Peter Blacksmith and I like to forge things.

I play and compose music, write lyrics, make photographs and paint and draw.

I am an autodidact and I enjoy using every trick in and out of the book that I can learn to get my feelings expressed.

I have been doing this for many years, as you can see...

  • Rocky Path4:18

Not so long ago

I found out how to make a basic website and I want to share the joy I find in making my stuff with you.

This site is ever-growing because most of the time I am up to making something new.

Don't hesitate to send me a mail with your comments.

Long ago

-  Old Holland and Michael Harding's paints

-  Derwent pencils

-  Peacock canvases

Tools I like to use

-  Godin guitars

-  Warwick basses

-  Line 6 effects

-  Roland and Jinbao drums

-  Kontakt keyboard

-  Ableton Push

One of my own favourite tunes 

free songs

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-  Nikon D700 camera

-  Nikor lenses

-  Canson photo papers