The door

​What do you think you're trying to do

You don't keep no promise, not one word is true

​No I don't believe your pathetic little lies

​Your moods are determined by rolling of the dice

Don't you see that alcohol

Will makeyou lose complete control

Why are you lying to me

I thought we were friends

We would hold on till the end

Looks like you don't care to me

​Where has gone the friend that I once knew

The one that wrote the story about the morningdew

No I won't believe he ain't here any more

But when I try to find him he just shuts his fucking door

Set yourself a brandnew goal

Clear the blisters on your soul

You still might have a new chance

Don't blow it this time

Why don't you make up your mind

Don't lose the game in advance

I've seen you balance before

On the edges of time but you still held the line

Now you look stranded

​Like a ship on the shore

Don't fool me

Fool me no more

Look at my eyes my friend

Open your door

​What do you think your are going to do

​When the last friend has left

Said goodbye to you too

Will you still go on saying nothing is wrong

Or do you blame it on the world in another perfect song

It is heavy hanging on when all the whispering dreams are gone

You didn't even give it a try

Remember old friend, no surrender till the end

​I can't believe it's a lie

Each time that I have tried

To open your door

You closed another, once again

​Look at my eyes my friend

Open your door

Didn't you hear me banging before

​One day I won't come no more​​

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  • The Door6:34

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Peter Blacksmith

Performed by Whispering Wind