rhyming poems


A Long time ago

Don't you remember

I am sure you must have seen it too

Days full of joy

Freedom and laughter

​What the hell ever happened to you

You left behind all that was sacred

​Now you're trying to sell a gun to me

​A childhood's dream drowned in your hatered

All your damned bullet$ ever bring is misery

​Ooh what's going on in your mind

Dare you dream your dreams tonight

Another big deal has been signed

Ooh aren't you haunted by those who have died

Or do you need some vampirebite

​Somewhere in the west

Or in the east

A child of four threads on a mine

The war was won

You say you are pleased

Telling to papers all is fine

What would you say if one of your guns

​Was pointed at your kids my old friend

Would you turn away

​Like you always do

And keep running your campaigne for


  • Bullet$6:20

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Performed by Whispering Wind

Peter Blacksmith