• String Theories2:09

  • Noor Birth of light2:13

  • Song For Who Suffers In Silence1:51

  • Life6:00

  • Elegant Perseverance3:09

  • Nature's Symphony7:30

  • Welcome to the planet2:59

  • Song of the forest4:08

  • Flowers For Misses Nicegarden3:05

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  • Concert Of The Mind3:32

  • Ballad of the litlle man3:41

  • Song of the angel Valentine2:48

  • Passion and Reason2:53

  • Sundance2:28

  • Waiting for a little Magic2:10

  • A little reason to be cheerful3:30

  • Summer of 16697:12

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  • Never Give up2:24

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This song is dedicated to Peter Sinnaeve

Peter Blacksmith