Peter Blacksmith

  • Shelter me6:47

Shelter me

Loneliness has kept me company

While the sound of sadness became a friend of me

​I felt the pain carving in my soul

When an angel of dead came asking for its toll

Emptiness has been fulfilling me

While you crossed the Styx

I came to pay your fee

Why don't you turn around, just to see me cry

I didn't even had the chance to say goodbye

Ain't no religion gonna pull me through

​I don't need no teacher to tell me what to do

Shelter me from the storm

Cure me from the pain

Come on and stop me now from going insane

Be the wind in my sails and feel what I feel

Only you can cure this wound that never heals

​Faithfulness is what's guiding me

When I look into your eyes it feels like magery

Come on hold me tight

Give your light to me

​Then I'll know you will be here until eternity

Look at me, look at me I'm falling

I scream your name

Don't you hear me calling

​Make me see and show my eyes infinity

And protect me when I hit reality

Look at me, look at me I'm crying

I scream your name

Don't you see me trying

Take my hand, lead me to the sacred land

​And pull me out of this sinking sand