The Promise

I remember the day that you were born

Into this life

Arriving at the earh like a tender visitor

You were breathing

And all that I could mumble

Was a hello

Overwehlmed by the wonder how you came to life

And you looked like in your mother's dream

I knew it was you

From the first moment on

From that very first scream

And the visitor smiled

Ooh I Love you, my sweet child

I'll teach you to smell the roses

Even when the thorns are growing wild 

And today you're the one to take my hand

Walk beside me

Looking at the world with those questions in your eyes

Like the moonlight shines on your mind

In your sweet dreams

High up in the mountains of your fantasies

And you talk to the spirits in the trees

Like only you can

The're hearing your voice

They know you come in peace

And the flowers smile

They bring the the colors to your eyes

And they'll teach you to sense the beauty

Even when life covers you with lies

Ooh baby the promise has come true

Born out of holy water

Ooh baby the futur's in your hands

If you hold on to your dreams

You'll walk your ways

On sacred land

And I know that once the day will come

That you will go

Kissing me goodbye

Whiping teardrops from my eyes

Like a butterfly you will fly away

On colored wings

Guided by the light of eternal rainbows

To find Love that you call your own

Opening your heart

It's whispering to you things that you'v'e never known

And the angels smile

They know the promise has come true

Protected by your sweet Love

So that everything can start anew

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  • The Promise6:09

Performed by Whispering Wind

Peter Blacksmith