Fallen Angel

​Years of pride have smashed your mind

Filling all of your deep senses

​Feels like you are walking into a story with no end

Far across the borderline of what is wrong and what is right

There's a lot of praying for you to be done

You better change your way of mind

Now you're struggling to survive

Hanging on to your foul defences

Feels like you are drowning in the shadows of an endless pain

Fallen Angel

Is this really what you've been waiting for


​Ease your mind or you will suffer more

​You are only half alive

From hiding behind these fences

Tears have been broken in the dawning of another day

Fallen Angel

Ask the devil what the hell is going on


You know the damage already has been done


Your reasons to go on have for ever gone


This is a battle that can not be won

  • Fallen Angel3:47

Peter Blacksmith